Take the fast lane

High-speed revolution for
inline automation

The Fast Lane ONE® injects new pace into your automation. The first product in our new Fast Lane® product range is a true innovation in the market: It is one of the fastest conveyor systems available.

1 Greater

One of the fastest conveyor systems
in the market.

2 Full

User-programmable for new
application dimensions

3 Easy

Convenient commissioning – either as standalone
or WEISS component system

1 Increase productivity –
reduce cycle time

The Fast Lane ONE® employs direct drive technology and supplements this with further innovative transport solutions and design novelties. This allows the conveyor system to reach higher speeds than other conveyors, which in turn allows the total cycle time in the installation to be significantly reduced. This also applies to bends and corners, which are passed without any loss of force or speed.

  • One of the fastest conveyor systems in the market
  • Maximum speed, even over bends and corners

  • Execute processes without stopping:
    e.g. transferring components
  • Enjoy extreme dynamics thanks to direct drive

2 Full flexibility and
more opportunities

MODULAR, REUSABLE AND VERSATILE The modular, intelligent design of the Fast Lane ONE® offers maximum flexibility in terms of system design. The conveyor system can be adapted to altered production conditions with a simple software switchover – for example when workpiece dimensions change. No revisions to the mechanicals of the conveyor are required here. Producing different versions on one and the same system is just that easy.

FREE POSITIONABILITY OF EACH WORKPIECE HOLDER Each workpiece holder can be programmed freely and independently. Whether position, acceleration, speed or direction of motion, there is no set pattern: Regardless of whether multiple workpiece holders are coupled one after the other or need to move in opposing directions.

SYNCHRONOUS WITH EXTERNAL AXES With purely mechanical linear transport systems, the processes have traditionally always been executed one after the other. First the workpiece holder is positioned and only then does handling begin. With the Fast Lane ONE®, the motion sequences are synchronised. This means that handling operations can already start while the conveyor system is still in motion. This delivers valuable process time gains. Certain processes can even be executed at full speed - for example transferring components without stopping the conveyor system.

THE SYSTEM REPLACES A SECOND AXIS Thanks to the user-programmability of the workpiece holder, with certain processes (such as application of a bead of adhesive) it is possible to dispense with a second process axis. To date, this automation process was performed on a stationary workpiece holder using multi-axis solutions. With the Fast Lane ONE, the workpiece holder can now be programmed in such a way that it moves back and forth – synchronously with the handling component – and performs the task of the second process axis.

3 Easy set-up –
robust in operation

As a member of the WEISS family of components, the Fast Lane ONE® leaves nothing to be desired in terms of handling and integration support. It is easy to commission, offers robust quality and can be combined with further WEISS components to create perfectly matched system solutions.

Move into the
fast lane.

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