Faster, more affordable and without any maintenance stops: The direct-drive TO220 replaces the pneumatic rotary table on a test bench at Gießler, Germany

A breath of fresh air at General Motors

Interview with Bill Eppich,
Vice President WEISS North America

Mr. Eppich, you are Vice President at WEISS North America and have been responsible for the company's operations for years. On the American continent, WEISS products are marketed solely by your enterprise. Now you are also exclusively supplying a giant in the automotive industry, General Motors. What exactly does this involve?

B. EPPICH We are the exclusive and strategic partner to General Motors for body assembly systems - i.e. rotary index table systems, which we will install at GM within a period of three years. And this is not restricted to just one site. In fact, we will be supplying all the US production facilities. As such, Opel in Europe is not included, although Opel is already a customer of WEISS Germany anyway (laughs) ...

Representatives from Rockwell and WEISS at the Rockwell Automation Fair.

Transatlantic partnership

Rockwell Automation is including WEISS in its partner network, thereby underlining the excellent market position of the leading component manufacturer.

The major event in the American automation sector is the Rockwell Automation Fair, which takes place once a year. The number 1 control platform on the American continent invites its closest and most trusted partners to take a look at its new products and chat about their experiences. WEISS North America will be there. As a Rockwell Encompass Partner, the US subsidiary of WEISS is keen ...

The heart of the system exposed: The direct-drive TO220 replaces the old pneumatic rotary indexing table.

Out with pneumatics, in with the direct drive

Automotive suppliers don't dilly-dally. To reduce the cycle times of a test bench fitted with a pneumatic rotary indexing table, the custom machine engineering department at Gießler is already using a direct-drive rotary indexing table from WEISS.

It's time to shorten times. In the workshop of Christian Nemeth, head of custom machine building at Gießler in Elzach, is a test bench for performing the final inspection of precision turned parts. The pneumatic rotary indexing table, the heart of the system, has reached its limits and is no longer able to produce shorter cycles ...

Faster production and shorter stop times. The CR1300D with patented twin drive.

Putting the brakes
on floor space requirements

This is good news, in particular for the automotive sector and its constant search for new potential savings. WEISS has succeeded in combining high output with drastically reduced
floor space requirements.

The use of floor space at production sites derived from the DIN safety guidelines has now become a cost driver. The challenge today is therefore to develop highly productive machines which also allow the safety clearance distance around the manufacturing cell to be reduced based on shorter emergency stop times ...

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